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Tile Adhesives

We are offering of Tile Adhesives. Du Lastik Resin Adhesive Ready to use High Performance Adhesive. Superior-technology, professional, ready-to-use adhesive with high elasticity and no slip. Ideal for high-resistance laying of homogeneous tiles, glass mosaic, ceramic tiles, large formats and stable natural stone, on absorbent and deformable substrates, gypsum, anhydrite, wood and water-stable derivatives, on both flooring and walls, in internal environments. External use on walls.The Du Lastik technology confers superior elasticity guaranteeing the high-performance laying of all types of ceramic and homogeneous tiles on highly flexible or deformable substrates. The use of specific modifies, electromeric co-polymers with permanent effect confers high levels of absorption of dimensional substrate movements without stressing the covering.

  • Single component ready to use fast curring Tile adhesive with elasticity and no slip property with excellent bonding.
Suitable Substrate:
  • Glass Mosaic
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Large Formats and Stable Natural Stone
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • On Absorbent and Deformable Substrate
  • Wood and Water Stable Derivatives on both flooring
  • Gypsum Anhydrite
  • Walls in Internal Environments External use on walls

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Tile Adhesives

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