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Polymer Grout

Dubond's Polymer Grout is a fine cementitious powder which forms a neat slurry when mixed with water. This slurry is used for injection grouting. Injection grouting to arrest leakage has been an age old practice. If concrete is porous or honey combed the cement slurry which is used for injection grouting partly blocks the voids and capillary. Dubonds grout is a specialised cementitious powder which is designed for effective injection grouting of R.C.C. Structures to arrest leakages.

Directions for Use:
  • Cut holes in the concrete to be grouted with chisel and hammer and fix nozzles at suitable intervals depending upon the porosity of the concrete. One foot interval or two feet interval is common practice
  • Mix Dubonds Grout and Water in the ratio of 1 Volume of Grout to 2 volumes of water to form an uniform consistency slurry. Pump this slurry through the fixed nozzles using a 30 psi pump
  • Sequentially cover grout holes one by one so that area of working is in close circles. When the whole area is grouted remove 1" - 2" of grout slurry from each hole and seal it with Perma Grout-40 slurry

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Polymer Grout

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