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Wall Texture

Wall Textures:

Its available in a wide spectrum of Colours, Textures and Patterns for Exterior & Interior Walls.

Exterior grade Surface Textures are based on natural inorganic materials.

It do not fade nor change in color and are UV resistant.

Wall Texture range can be customised to the user’s requirement.

Hides undulations and hair line cracks present in the wall.

Flakes coating arrests dampness / seepage present in the wall.

Aesthetic and durable.

Homogeneous coat; can take on any shape.

Needs only single coat for even multicolor combinations.

Washable, Fade & fungus-resistant.

Low maintenance, economical.

Forms & smooth and even surface.

An optional top- coat available in both glossy and mat finish.

Can be Applied on all absorbent surface.

Wall Texture

Finotex Wall Texture is light texture, based on a tough acrylic copolymer emulsion, containing coarse rock-hard aggregates.

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Wall Texture

Easy to apply and finish.

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