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Epoxy Coating

Dubond’s Dupoxy Coating TCS- l00 is Epoxy Coating is a three-component high solids, epoxy resin coating system supplied in pre- weighed packs ready for on-site mixing and use.The cured film forms a hard, smooth finish, joint less, non porous, hygienic, durable, coating with excellent adhesion to clean concrete, sand/cement and granolithic screeds, and certain metal surfaces. It cures to semi-gloss impervious finish which is easily cleaned.The product is available in a(RAL)colours and is also available in a clear grade.


It is essential that Dupoxy Coating TCS- 100 is applied to sound, clean and dry substrates in order to achieve maximum adhesion.Because Dupoxy Coating TCS— 100 is a relatively thin coating, the substrate must be fine textured. Any surface irregularities may show through causing excessive wear on high spots and changing the perceived colour of coating.New Concrete Floors Unless otherwise agreed by the engineer the floor should have been placed for at least 28 days and have a moisture content of less than 5%. Floors should be sound and free from contamination such as oil and grease, mortar and paint splashes or curing compound residues. Excessive laitance can be removed by the use of mechanical methods. Dust and other debris should then be removed by vacuum cleaning.Old Concrete Floors A sound, clean substrate is essential to achieve maximum adhesion. Oil and grease penetration should be removed by the use of A proprietary chemical degreaser or by hot compressed air treatment.Any damaged areas or surface irregularities should be repaired using Dupoxy SL—200 & Dupoxy Putty.Steel Substrates Steel substrates should be grit blasted to surface quality SA 2.5 (BS 4232 : Second Quality) and primed with a single coat of Dupoxy Prime SFD.Epoxy Screeds Dupoxy Coating TCS- 100 can be applied to Epoxy Resin screeds. High spots or trowel marks should be rubbed down and dust and other debris removed by vacuum cleaning.

  • To provide a durable,
  • Easily cleaned,
  • High build floor finish in areas where a hard wearing,
  • High resistance to chemical attack is required .
It is particularly suitable in areas where athicker coating is required, such as:
  • Production assembly areas.
  • Workshops / Warehouses.Dairies / Food Processing Unit Soft drinks production and bottling plants.
  • Light Industrial Plants.Showrooms / Hospital / Hotels.
Advantages: -
  • Very hard wearing
  • durable
  • low maintenance costs.
  • High resistance of awide range of industrial chemicals.
  • Hygienic
  • Impervious finish provides easily cleaned surface.
  • Attractive
  • Available in a range of colours to improve the working environment.

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Epoxy Coating

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